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★Shena Ringo got pregnant & she married on November 25 last year.
    Her husband is "Junzi Yayoshi"
     He is a member with Abuse Glycogen.
Single maxi "Midnight is pure"(mayonaka ha zyunnketu)Release!!! TOCT-22155
     \1.143 on March 28, 2001. (excluding tax)
      The coupling is analog and the same as the LP version.
     Only limitation's first time worth is addition "RinRin saliva bromide"

●12-inch analog LP"Midnight is pure. "(mayonaka ha zyunnketu)
     March 16th 2001 Release!!!  \1,238(excluding tax)
     This is a First Limited edition only.
     C/W "Sido and dreaming in the daytime"(sido to hakutyuumu)
         "Devoted husband's breakfast"(aisaika no tyousyoku)
●LiveVideo&DVD "Gekokuzyo Exstasy" now on sale!!!!
     \4.200(tax in)
     This live video includes NHK Hall live(4.16),Fukuoka SunPalace live(5,31)
     and tour document.
     There is a First Limited edition: color video cassette[video only]
     (DVD / TOBF-5043 VHS / TOVF-1350)
●LiveVideo&DVD "Gokiritu Japon"now on sale!!!! \3.200(tax in)
     This live video includes Secret live "Hatuiku Status" :
     Fukuoka, Hirosima, Kobe, Tokyo live
     and tour document.
     There is a First Limited edition: color video cassette[video only]       
     (DVD / TOBF-5044 VHS / TOVF-1351)
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Saga" !!!

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